Research Assistants

Undergraduates at Yale work in our lab any time around the year, and we run a summer internship program that recruits undergraduates from other universities. Below is a list of previous Research Assistants. Please visit the Joining the Lab page if you are interested in adding your name to the list!
Fall 2016-Spring 2017
Alexander Wisowaty
Rachel Han
Summer 2016 
Ishani Joshi
Adam Smiley
Kayla Good 
Sophie R. Kerr
Faith Hill 
Katrina Turick
Jack Valenti
Jiewen Zhang 
Clayton Olash
Ayotunde Ifaturoti
Fall 2015-Spring 2017
Andrea Leal
Summer 2015
Maureen Gill
Ayotunde Ifaturoti
Haylie Kim
Kristen Kim
Alison Rowe
Caitlin Shneider
Marianna Zhang
Fall 2014-Spring 2015
Ayotunde Ifaturoti
Rachel Han
Ethan Gacek
Melissa Gavin
Maria Ratskevich
Meredith Speck
Summer 2014
Elaine Bucknam 
Fall 2013-Spring 2014
Susannah Albert
Anika Binner
Ellie Dupler
Anh Ha
Hanna Jeon
Alexander MacLeod
Julie Merriam
Rhiannon Monta
Hana Muasher
Greeshma Rajeev-Kumar