Postdoctoral Researchers

Mark Sheskin
Mark’s research focuses on the evolution of morality. In the Cognition and Development Lab, he studies topics including people’s understanding of arguments (both for conclusions they agree with and conclusions they disagree with), voting behavior, and children’s developing understanding of explanation.
Mark can be contacted at More information, including CV, can be found at
Emmanuel Trouche
Manu’s research focuses on educational psychology in science and critical thinking. He conducts experimental research both with adults and children about different topics including the development of scientific curiosity, the short and long term benefits of learning about how things work, motivated reasoning, argumentation, and individual differences in metacognition. 
Manu can be contacted at 
Aaron Chuey
Aaron is the lab manager at the Cognition and Development Lab. He is broadly interested in the way we carve up the world. In particular: Where do children’s intuitions about the ways objects and creatures work originate? How do these intuitions change across development? In what ways are these intuitions sophisticated and in what ways are they lacking? How can we remedy the large gaps in our intuitions and better teach mechanistic information to children and adults?
Aaron can be contacted at