Joining the Lab

1. Prospective Graduate Students
If you are interested in pursuing graduate research with the Cognition & Development Lab, please see the Psychology Department Graduate Program for application information.
2. Undergraduate Research Assistants - Yale Students
The Research Assistantship offers an opportunity for Yale undergraduates to earn course credit during the academic year for participating in the development and execution of research projects related to higher cognition. Please contact the lab manager for information.
3. Undergraduate Research Assistants - Summer Internship
The Summer Internship Program provides the opportunity for a group of highly-motivated undergraduates from institutions other than Yale University to participate in the lab’s research over the summer. This annual internship offers a hands-on, intensive research experience and training in the fields of cognitive and developmental psychology. The internship runs from Monday, June 4th to Friday, July 28th, 2017. The application is available here; please send all applications and inquiries to with a subject heading including the phrase “CDL Summer Internship”. The deadline to submit an application for the summer internship is Friday, March 3rd, 2017.  The FAQ is available here.